Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Vital details for Differently Abled Passengers & Pregnant Women

For Differently Abled passengers or passengers with mobility abridged because of several short-term injury or by reason of age, most airlines offers free distinctive support amenities to help at the airport and on-board.

We have assembled data for travellers who need special assistance with respect to the queries.

Distinct support is delivered to customers with hearing or vision deficiency. The extraordinary support staffs at the airport also create special necessities for pregnant women or for passengers requiring extra seating arrangements with respect to their weight or size.

How to place a request for special assistance?

Passengers demanding special assistance should first denote to the information on airlines authorized website or interact with distinct support staff straight on arrival at the airport. For more accessibility and to confirm special assistance can be delivered when required, it is suggested to make bookings at least 48 hours prior to your appearance at the airport for imminent the apprehensive staff for services.

For any amplification over suspicions and questions, travellers or vacationers can contact our dedicated customer support or travel authorities while the reservation is being made by contacting us. Our highly-professional workforces will be pleased to support you with any queries related to requirement for distinct support and will spread meaningful supervision. The travellers wanting to avail exceptional help are necessary to remark or deliver about the sort of service or support required so that appropriate preparations can be made on period.

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